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Volume 45 Number 52

How she does it

Nightlife: Making it werque with Deniz Kurtel, Trouble and Bass, Homo Homecoming, Bootie Oktoberfest Burlesque, and more

Musical alchemy

Quantic mixes rhythm and travel on new best of record

Channeling darkness

"TV Noir" celebrates the tarnish on television's golden years

Counting calories

Oakland edibles classes usher marijuana chefs onto a higher plane

The sight of sound

Punting audible obsolescence with Christian Marclay's cassette-based photograms and Fran Herndon's poetic echoes. 

Volume 45 Number 52 Flip-through Edition

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Twang on

Prepare to giggle (and gag) at Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Not new, but renewing

Stage: Aurora Theatre offers a terrific revival of an Albee classic

Time and space pilot

Electro-composer Amon Tobin returns from the future with ISAM -- and an alien, next-level stage show

Legends of the underground

Gehenna's Mike Apocalypse doesn't care what you think

On Guard

Our perspective on the most important San Francisco news this week

Editor’s notes

Hey Mr. Mayor, we need to hear your thoughts

The attack on public finance

Changing the rules on campaign money would benefit certain mayoral candidates

Fair muddling

To Pennsylvania, friedwise

Standing up for Troy Davis

Sometimes the best way to take action is to just open your mouth 

Gin, with wings

Appetite: Flying high with Hot Sauce and Panko and St. George's Terroir

Censorship — or something else?

Why did two Bay Area newsrooms dismiss Peter Byrne's story about conflicts of interest in UC investment deals?

The worst-kept secrets

What the major media left out: Project Censored highlights the year's most relevant ignored news