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Volume 45 Number 50

Volume 45 Number 50 Flip-through Edition

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Harsh times

Mule asks: Do outlaws love drug-running or is it the economy, stupid?

Caves of forgotten dreams

Brice Bischoff's "Cave X" and Colin Christy's "Wild and Scenic" turn the outside inward

Vive Vigo

A new DVD set celebrates Jean Vigo's evergreen films

Green dreams

Two documentaries on the lives of garbage pickers


Staging well-crafted feats of new all-American, neatly tucked away from the Valencia Street h-words

Fighting to be free

Promising choreography and stellar dancing in works by FACT/SF and Lenora Lee

Bottoms up!

Naked wines, rogue brews, family vines, upcoming booze to-dos: Drink with us through the luscious Beer and Wine Issue

Three is the so-so number

Resistance 3 

Still weird after all these years

SF Fringe Fest turns 20

It’s people!

Big Art Group's secret ingredient is revealed as The People descends on Z Space

No shushing

Deerhoof at SFMOMA, heavy metal at YBCA

Miami sound machine

South Florida's ANR whips beats into foot-breaking hurricanes

Ms. Mirliton

Criolla Kitchen triumphs with the little things (like starter salads)

Rogue pairings

The Pacific Brewing Laboratories guide to DIY food and local brews

Get naked

Adventures in the land of natural wine

Generation cork

Three family wineries spread California love and innovation

Booze events

Fall's it spots for knocking a few back 

Write what you know

Will Viharo lives, breathes, and bleeds pulp fiction

Central Subway: justice and jobs

The core costs for the Central Subway have not changed since 2008, when it was approved with broad support

On Guard!

Our perspective on the week's most notable San Francisco news

Editor’s notes

Crunching the numbers on Obama's job plan 

Cops go after the press

Guardian reporter has press pass confiscated by BART Police

Banking on misfortune

New debit cards for unemployment benefits funnel more fees and customers to Bank of America