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Volume 45 Number 33

Volume 45 Number 33 Flip-through Edition

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Summer fairs and festivals

Get ready for the solstice with our guide to summertime fun 

A tale of two cocktail trends

Aging in barrels and staying fresh in Napa


San Francisco plays host to three different art fairs this week

A better tomorrow

Will Alexander seeks a unified-all-inclusive art theory in Compression & Purity

Bastard samurai

Miike takes on yet another genre with the winning 13 Assassins

Kinetic changes

Raissa Simpson's Push Dance Company grapples with Mixed Messages through movement


Homecoming for an accidental choreographer

Barak Marshall returns to California after an eight year-long hiatus

2,000 years in the waking

Poland's Teatr ZAR brings its singular songs and theater to the SF International Arts Festival 

The long goodbye

YSL's legacy looms large in L'amour fou

So much soul

Ty Segall's new record Ty Rex consists of Marc Bolan covers.

Into the Vortex, part two

The Vortex Room amps up the sleaze-factor at its Thursday night cult calssic retrospectives 

Hooked in

SF Sex Worker Film and Arts Fest gathers its strength

Duck soup

Castro mainstay Thailand Restaurant cures all that ails 'ya with their roast duck noodle soup

Straits Restaurant

If you like your nasi goreng with the scale and glamour of Vegas, you'll love Straits

Summer movie madness!

Blockbusters, indie picks, festivals, and more

Sounds of summer

Concert and music festival highlights from air guitar to Woodsist this season 

Rolling recreation

Three carfree dog days adventures

Held underwater

San Franciscans brace for another round of home foreclosures as the banking lobby kills mortgage reform proposals

Igniting a union

Leadership struggle among UC academic employees points to more militancy against budget proposals

For Milk’s birthday, sit on a sidewalk!

The perception of the Haight is scaring away tourists and causing businesses to lose money

Gascón’s essential conflict

SFPD's old boy's club runs into some inconsistencies

Editor’s notes

No way! A bill that would allow cities to raise taxes is moving forward

Fear the beard

Can an employer get away with firing someone for having facial hair?