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Volume 45 Number 28

Appetite: Island bites, part two

After a dreamy week in Hawaii, I have a slew of food and drink recommendations to share. Part one of these covered farmers market and...

Appetite: 3 reasons why SF Jewish food has arrived

Head to the Mission where Wise Sons Deli takes over Jackie's Café every Saturday. Rolling since January, the young guys behind this pop-up deli...

Volume 45 Number 28 Flip-through Edition

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Captain James Cook of the 94123

A Missionite's guide to the Marina

A long time ago, in a galaxy not far away

Tom Wyrsch's Back to Space-Con blasts off to 1970s sci-fi conventions


Pladra builds the perfect shirt, locally

Out of the shadows

Cults is made up of real people, not lizard people

Hear me howling!

Arhoolie Records looks forward by preserving the past 

All that glitters

Jamie Vasta updates Caravaggio for the literary queer

Transylvania twist

Scarin' up memories with the Monster Squad's Fred Dekker

Outside and inside

A burgeoning queer performance scene in the Bay Area is creating new zones

Breaking point

Henry's Crime's emerging star: middle-aged Keanu Reeves

A Beirut festival

Mazzat's cloves, meat, and pricetag will Lebanese you smiling

Infrequent flyer

Miss your flight, sure -- just don't miss the fine print at Bombay

New school

The Bay's most innovative degrees show the way to the future


From restorative yoga to dream astrology, classes to expand your mind

Behind the panel

Asian American artists top the comics industry -- off the page

alt.sex.column: Not the gerbil!

Dear Andrea:I was wondering, is gerbil-stuffing for real, or just made up?Love,Hadda AskDear Hadda:I've been expecting this question and am willing to accept it...

The failed experiment

How misplaced faith in tax cuts and other economic myths are destroying the country

It’s not so easy building green

Questions about the plan to build Parkmerced

Seeking a watchdog’s watchdog

Supervisors reject Ethics Commission candidate who has agitated for reform

The tale of two trials

Barry Bonds' perjury and Chauncey Bailey's murder

No cuts-only pension deal

Pension reform has to be linked to tax reform -- or else it won't work

Editor’s notes

Forget the Mayan calendar -- what is going on in 2011?