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Volume 45 Number 01

Appetite: 3 recent food books pique our palates

Dive into Twain's Feast, Hungry Town, and the Sunset Cookbook

On the way

Architecture of Light gives the new ODC the gala welcome it deserves

Volume 45 Number 1 Flip-through Edition

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No brains required

Postmodern, sure -- but no complex moral exercise: the point of Dead Rising 2 is to kill a lot of zombies

Now is the time

African-American Shakespeare Company meets the future with a re-visioned classic

Scroll of sound

Linda Perhacs' inspired solo album Parallelograms traces new designs, 40 years later

Noe thanks

Enter the Void is polarizing — and pretentious

Valley highs

Local docs and more at Mill Valley Film Festival 2010

Fantasy girl

Local trans bombshell Cassandra Cass goes big with Wild Things -- plus this week's nightlife picks

Capp’s Corner

Tip your fedora to this North Beach mainstay, whose family-style options include classic Italian dishes done right

Past presence

Simon Reynolds sounds off about the music of hauntology

Her band

Corin Tucker goes solo and finds some new voices on 1,000 Years


Walker, Mandelman, and Kelly for supervisor. No, no, no on B. Yes, yes, yes on 19. Our complete endorsements for San Francisco, state, and national races

Endorsements 2010: San Francisco ballot measures

PROP. AA VEHICLE REGISTRATION FEEYES Proposition AA would add $10 to the existing annual fee for vehicles registered in San Francisco, which would bring...

Endorsements 2010: San Francisco candidates

SUPERVISOR, DISTRICT 2 JANET REILLY Frankly, we were a little surprised by the Janet Reilly who came in to give us her pitch as a District...

Endorsements 2010: State ballot measures

PROP. 19 LEGALIZE MARIJUANAYES, YES, YES The most surprising thing about Prop. 19 is how it has divided those who say they support the...

Endorsements 2010: State races

GOVERNOR EDMUND G. BROWN We have issues with Jerry Brown. The one-time environmental leader who left an admirable progressive legacy his first time in...

Endorsements 2010: National races

 U.S. SENATE BARBARA BOXER The San Francisco Chronicle made a stunning — and utterly irresponsible — statement when it refused to endorse either candidate...

Ducking a lull

"A good 30 minutes" at Hong Ling Restaurant