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Volume 44 Number 35

Appetite: Celebrating Sailor Jerry, tattooist and rum

What do tatooing and rum have to with each other? Well, there's a rum named after one of the most legendary tattoo artists of...

Appetite: 3 delectable events for June

6/5-6/6 - SUNSET CELEBRATION Cruise down to Menlo Park this weekend for Sunset Magazine's annual celebration weekend, a key South Bay event for foodies and...

From freeway to favas

1,500 neighborhood volunteers help Hayes Valley Farm bloom

Spill it over

The sonic-green wonders of "experiential music festival" Soundwave. Plus: Shabazz Palaces at Big Tune and Kontrol's five-year technoversary

Appetite: Giant legs and Willy Wonka — adventures at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic

I was one of the lucky ones, spending eight days in NY, my old stomping grounds, for the first annual Manhattan Cocktail Classic, which...

Viva La Peña

35 years of voicing opposition through music, art, and moxie

Volume 44 Number 35 Flip-through Edition

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The facts of Cloris

The showbiz legend dishes on her new solo show

Sexy, seedy, comical

Capitalism is a wild ride in The Apotheosis of Pig Husbandry

Composite material

Rupa and Todd Sickafoose speak of sonic fusion, good sushi

Spirit of LCD

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy samples the past and creates dance record bliss

100 photos in search of an exhibit

Hairy Eyeball: Uncanniness, courtesy of Daniel Nicoletta, Keira Kotler, "The Candy Store," "Furthermore," and more

In the cut

An A-list cast and a B-movie plot converge in Splice

Cute is what he aims for

King of twee Jean-Pierre Jeunet returns with Micmacs

Green is good

Best Worst Movie seeks the secret of Troll 2's unlikely success

Vow and later

Early Agnès Varda films study marital troubles

Golden Era

The Buddha smiles: miracle flavorings lead to vegan wonders at this classic SF spot

Political juggernaut

City officials and the community battle over Lennar's massive development plan

Triumph of tenacity

The Lembi empire teeters after tenants resisted a business plan based on forcing them out

Editor’s Notes

Secretary Duncan has billions of dollars in grants for public schools, and all you have to do to get some of it is adopt an agenda that blames the problems of the education system on the teachers

Newsom’s lousy economics

The "Governor's budget will destroy 331,000 jobs" and Newsom is following suit

The hidden zinger in Prop. 14

Proposition 14 would remove the Peace and Freedom and Libertarian parties from the ballot

Older ‘n’ wider

For my birthday I listened to Abba without guilt and had chicken and waffles, of course


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