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Volume 44 Number 34

A public power landmark — and the battle to come

CCA allows communities to offer an alternative — to buy cleaner power in bulk and resell it at comparable or cheaper rates to residents and businesses

Volume 44 Number 34 Flip-through Edition

May 26, 2010
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The meme generation

Video Issue: Glee and contrivance mark the celebration as YouTube turns five

Screen grabbers

Video Issue: A timeline of 10 top YouTube phenoms

The eyes of Skye Thorstenson

Video Issue: A video trip through the many selves of memory, and euphoria with a melancholy aftertaste


Video Issue: What do viral videos say about us?

Digital glam

Video Issue: YouTube's beauty gurus share makeup secrets with the masses

King Z

Bring out your dead: An interview with zombie-master George A. Romero

Depravity’s rainbow

Video Issue: Harmony Korine's fringe epic Trash Humpers

Sparkle motion

Paul Festa marries drag and ballet in The Glitter Emergency

Where’s the pickle?

Video Issue: Lubricating the Yubehole with Art Attack, video flyers, and the genius clubkid shorts of Tom Rubnitz

Chile Lindo

Drop that Hot Pocket: this little empanada emporium will satisfy your sweet-savory needs

The chicken ‘n diet

Auntie April's and Little Skillet in a bird-waffle showdown

Gay outta Hunters Point

San Francisco music video auteur Justin Kelly makes the move into movies

Beating the reaper

S.F.'s clean energy program clears a key milestone in its race against Prop. 16

Violence in the Bayview — and solutions

Violence against my neighbor is violence against me. Pure and simple

Media experiments

Can Bay Citizen and other news start-ups revive Bay Area journalism?

Insecure Sanctuary

A controversial fingerprinting program might have quietly ended local protection of immigrants

Editor’s Notes

The state budget is not a game; there are people's lives in the balance

Arizona strikes out

Sports community up in arms over Draconian immigration law