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Volume 44 Number 33

Orgone and back again

Put on your space helmet, brace yourself, and bear witness to Hawkwind Triad

Something is missing

Hairy Eyeball: Louise Bourgeois, Matt Furie, and Jay Howell fill in some gaps

Firelit: Coffee with benefits

A conversation with distiller Dave Smith about his new boozy brew

Magnetic folk

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will convert you to their sound

Global movement

San Francisco International Arts Festival: dance highlights

Butoh, and beyond

San Francisco International Arts Festival: theater highlights

Volume 44 Number 33 Flip-through Edition

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The Mitchell sister

Can a woman's touch at the top help change San Francisco's sex industry?

Hot slice

Oakland's new Boot and Shoe Service pizza parlor wants to love the shit out of you


A spring of Milk and honeys with Harvey Milk Day, JD Samson, J.Phlip, Capsule Design Fest, NGUZUNGUZU, and more

A hologlyphic story

Walter Funk is here to show you that 3-D doesn't require glasses

Shoot ’em up

Popatopolis captures B-movie behemoth Jim Wynorski

Drills, baby, drills

Preparing for an oil spill requires staying in practice and investing in prevention

San Francisco gaze

Young Prisms make sound from the light and darkness of the city

Renaissance Man

Rapper, spoken word artist, and activist Ise Lyfe adds acting and authorship to his resume


Bienvenu, valenciennes! Hearty specialities of the French countryside served in a choice location

No-fry zone

I don't know how to write about love and that's why I'm going to focus on chicken and waffles for the next couple years

Loving LaHood

How a Republican cabinet member became a hero to bicyclists and livable city advocates

East Bay endorsements

Kolakowski for judge, yes on C

Make hotels pay their share

While city residents and employees have sacrificed, certain Internet hotel booking sites are trying to evade more than $70 million in legally required hotel taxes

Editor’s Notes

Schwarzenegger said that "employment remains the biggest source of concern" as the state emerges from the Great Recession. Then he moved to guarantee more unemployment


Hahn for lieutenant governor. Nava and Colfax for judge. No, no, no on 16 and 17 ... Complete endorsements for the June 8 primary