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Volume 44 Number 26

Volume 44 Number 26 Flip-through Edition

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The Pets Issue

Walking, drinking, poking, and BARFing -- tips, tricks, tales (and cocktails) for your best friend. Plus: local pet stores we love

Trash talk

Environmental justice claims leveled in the fight for SF's big garbage disposal contract

Our Endorsements: For DCCC

The Democratic County Central Committee isn't the most high-profile elected agency in San Francisco, but it's really important. The committee sets policy for the...

Building better buses

AC Transit pushes hydrogen fuel cells as oil companies pull back

Hooch with the pooch

PETS ISSUE: Local bars that cater to the canine crowd

Is BARFing good for your pet?

PETS ISSUE: The raw food diet has devoted supporters — and harsh critics

Finding the right dog walker

PETS ISSUE: Some tips from the pros

Bark if you like needles

PETS ISSUE: Acupuncture and holistic medicine is a fast-growing trend in animal treatment -- and the veterinary establishment is slowly catching on

Three things I learned at SxSW

SX isn't SW, interactive isn't interactive, and FREE! isn't free


Pink tennis shoes, imaginary pastry wars, and El Buen Sabor

Last but not least

Merce Cunningham's final, memorable Nearly 90(2)

Art/S Global Tapas

An array of intriguing small plates from around the world -- but the riff is match, not mix

Soul says

DJ Said of Fatsouls brings a soulful house sensibility and Afrobeat background to his new monthly party

City limits

A rare screening of Chris Marker's 1963 Paris portrait, Le joli mai

All in the family

Indie comedy City Island embraces nuclear dysfunction

Point for point

Elif Batuman's Possessed charts a hidden map of Russia

Let’s hear it for the Boy Boy

In the midst of controversy, Messy Marv revamps his company -- and himself.

Oh my gay!

Stay Gold dance party celebrates its fourth

Stupid fantastic

James Williamson's trek from Stooge to tech to Stooge again

There be more

Dan Carbone reclaims the Dark Room's late-night stage with wild fits of storytelling and subconscious reverie

Just “Duck”-y

Actor Ed Gale journeys from Howard the Duck to WonderCon

Radio: It’s about local, dammit

What's really wrong with talk radio isn't the imbalance between right and left - it's local vs. national, live vs. syndicated

Editor’s Notes

The pot initiative's going to pass in November