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Volume 44 Number 20


Celebrating Sid Laverents and amateur cinema clubs

The people vs. corporate power

June ballot showcases the lopsided struggle against big money interests

Volume 44 Number 20 Flip-through Edition

February 17, 2010
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Someone wonderful

Nancy Wilson doesn't play clubs, she plays to win


It's a melange! Kronos Quartet bows across barbed-wire borders and reps for composers under 30

Ain’t no iguana

Herzog's other 2009 film -- My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done -- opens at the Castro

All about Amazon Eve

Getting leggy — and arty — with a giant fetish model sensation from Oakland

Mission: save Dolores Park

February 16, 2010

Park goers will still have access to their beloved green space- but change is gonna come

Approximately infinite, still

Yoko Ono peers through holes, reaches back to a plastic past


Adding a Turkish note to the restaurant roundelay at 22nd Street and Guerrero

Labor’s love lost

SEIU's internal problems are rippling through San Francisco's political scene

Reality bites

Dan Hoyle reports back from the heartland in his latest stage show The Real Americans

Nothing’s shocking

Gamer: Once more into those gorgeous ruins for BioShock 2 -- but can it live up to the original?

Come to life

Gil Scott-Heron flips back shadows on the brilliant I'm New Here

War and pensi

Delicious butter, Italian adventure, and Pakwan

How to create jobs in SF

There's so much more the city can do - but cutting taxes and losing city jobs is the wrong way to turn around the economy

Editor’s Notes

Whitman thinks that her experience in private business will make her a good governor

Newsom’s war on the public sector

February 16, 2010

Newsom's "stimulus" is targeted solely at the private sector, with no requirement that the companies slated to get tax breaks and fee reductions actually perform