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Volume 44 Number 19

Taken by the wind

STS9 mixes cheese with brain-tickling charm on its latest, while FM Belfast strikes a teen truant pose

Baker and Banker

Gifted wife-and-husband duo bring a seasonal and eclectic menu to an impeccable Victorian space

A gate so golden

Genius and patience in the music of Van Dyke Parks

Logging helps the planet?

"In California, forestry is the only sector that has a positive effect on air quality," says Sierra Pacific Industries

The heart of art

Love Everywhere to San Francisco: be mine!

Volume 44 Number 19 Flip-through Edition

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Souls and stars

Visiting Our Lady of Eggs, and digging delicious potato salad from Schmidt's

Not such a cani-ball

The Donner Party : one wishes for a little lurid exploitation

Tragically hip

Two stage must-sees: Magic Theater's riveting Oedipus el Rey and Fauxnique's glorious Luxury Items

Even Steven

Top-billed Buscemi scores in Saint John of Las Vegas

Ars longa

"Now I just fantasize about the kind of women I used to get."

Dolce utopia

Work vs. entropy as hustlers, philosophers, and experimenters get down in sweet new (art) spaces

Sunshine and shadows

How downtown tried to scuttle a law protecting city parks

Clipboard clash

Constitutional convention campaign says it's being sabotaged by the ballot-initiative industry

Cities and memory

Ahmet Ögüt constructs a utopia from sites of terrorism

’80s babies

J Stalin's Prenuptial Agreement soundtracks the first generation born during the crack epidemic

<3 <3 <3

Party hearty, Snuggles: our throbbing list of Valentine's weekend shindigs just might update your status

The “jobs” shell game

Newsom pushes business tax cuts and fee delays despite evidence they do more harm than good

Biotech’s bonanza

Is the local business tax exemption for this thriving industry worth the cost?

Editor’s Notes

We don't have to be terrified of a mayor who wants to label anyone who opposes Reagan-era economic policies as anti-jobs

The attack on district elections

Nobody can honestly say that the district supervisors have ignored citywide issues or that they don't have a citywide perspective