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Volume 44 Number 18

Schooling the teacher

Aurora Theatre's The First Grade tackles life lessons

Valentine’s Day events

G-SPOT: Parties, benefits, events, music, film, and performance to grab your heart

Galaxy quest

Moral quandaries and rhetorical pickles in Mass Effect 2

The importance of being earnest

Dear John's actors go beyond easy cheese

Double vision

Montage master Johan Grimonprez clones Hitchcock

Snow patrol

SUNDANCE REPORT: Head east, freeze feet, see movies

Straight from the heart

Best Coast craft love letters to and from California

Wise “Blood”

Yeasayer says no to predictability on its sophomore album

Let’s express

Parties with artful hearts: Expressions, Rockin' Record Hop, Lil Miss Hot Mess's Bat Mitzvah, and more

Burn notice

Scout Niblett torches the sky. Plus: Jaguar Love, Stuporbowl XLIV, Dave Rawlings Machine

Full of love

G-SPOT: Restaurant and dining treats to help you sink your fork into Valentine's

It just so happens

Keeping in touch, and bagels at Java Supreme

Cafe Prague

Huge platters of Bohemian food like goulash, roast duck, sauerbraten, and plenty of dumplings

Lusty lingerie

G-SPOT: Taking the prim saintliness out of Valentine's Day

Good vibes

G-SPOT: Giving the gift of bodywork for individuals and couples

Cheap dates

G-SPOT: Recession-friendly Valentine's Day activities for you and your honey

On pension reform, a way forward

Since a single-payer system that would cut costs immensely isn't on the immediate political horizon, the San Francisco supervisors need to address the problem

Progressives should care about pension reform

It's tricky to raise pension contributions for "new employees" since Mayor Gavin Newsom has been firing people then rehiring them at lower pay

Editor’s Notes

The payroll tax may sound awful but suspending it won't create a single new job

Building the movement

UC student organizers work to broaden support for the March 4 Strike and Day of Action

Big Brother Obama

The federal government's electronic eavesdropping continues under the new presidential administration

Sitting boundaries

Strong police push for the proposed sit/lie ordinance raises eyebrows

PG&E kicks press out of debate

Guardian reporter escorted from event he was invited to

DEIR in the headlights

Rushing Lennar's fishy Candlestick plans through the approval process out of political fear