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Volume 44 Number 10

Appetite: Smuggler’s Cove Shanghais the Tiki vibe

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Ask, don’t tell

Let's get at least one thing straight about Adam Lambert


She Stoops to Comedy raises the bar for holiday theater

1, 2, 3 — do you copy?

Rank/Xerox makes nervy sounds for anxious times

Life out of balance

Robin Wright Penn shines in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Citizen Welles

Richard Linklater's latest peeps the stage-bound early years of the movie genius

Nice apse

Going to church with Reverend Bertie Pearson and EpiscoDisco

The unbearable lightness of being

Therapy, donuts ... and excellent Mexican food at Juan's Place

Holiday snowjob

Why are officials seeking to limit public review of the city's biggest development proposal?

Winter wonderland

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Every year I dread this season, not because I particularly hate the holidays, but because the short, dark days depress me. I talked...

Glitchy kisses

A trio of Toban Nichols shows overtaxes, the good way

Empty threats

Activists say comments by the mayor and U.S. attorney are bluster that shouldn't affect new sanctuary city law

Missed buses

SFMTA changes Muni service to address budget shortfall

Pedaling forward

GREEN CITY: The Bicycle Plan injunction is lifted -- and crews work at a blistering pace to make the city safer for cyclists

Losing hope

The Afghanistan escalation has angered many Obama voters. But can the antiwar movement revive itself against a Democratic president?

Crosses and losses

"Amish Abstractions" ponders whether the "simple" life is different from the life of (Bridget) Riley

Sprinting toward Babylon

Conrad Ruiz paints the speed-record horror and hilarity of contemporary life

Monster mash note

Lady Gaga: She's not just "another pop chick with blonde hair"


Lighting a candle to the new jazz club's intimate vibe and Cal-Ital menu

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What to do Dec 9-15, 2009

Don’t rush the Candlestick EIR

One of the few times that the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors will get to weigh in on the biggest land-use decision facing San Francisco today

State of the art displacement

California Pacific Medical Center is proposing to build a hospital that isn't really needed, in a community it isn't really geared toward