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Volume 44 Number 02

Volume 44 Number 2 Flip-through Edition

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No pain, no gain

Thrillpeddlers' Torture Garden and Phantom Limb give the Halloween itch a satisfying scratch

Solar flair

Flaming Lips bubble over at Treasure Island Music Fest. Plus: Jesus Lizard, Monsters of Folk, more


Rock stars who write books, too -- smarter than rock stars who Twitter?

Is the truth out there?

SF DocFest's tales from the dark side come to the Roxie

Camera lucida

Robert Beavers' decades in the making film cycle surfaces at Pacific Film Archives

Culture class

A '60s British schoolgirl comes hotly of age in An Education

Secret history

The bathhouse disco revival bears some hidden proto-punk fruit with Catholic

‘Dead’ is alive

Joe Goode, Holcombe Waller, and UC Berkeley Students deliver a promising new work

The art of biking

Bluegrass in the arctic, Chiang Mai on Geary

Perv 101

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I guess this is pretty common, but it's not something I have any experience with, so please bear with me. I have a lot...

Billboards and blight

GREEN CITY: A tempting vision for revitalizing the mid-Market area -- but it comes at a flashy price

Turf war

Public-private partnership converts SF fields to artificial turf despite lingering environmental concerns

Fighting for juvenile justice

Do we want to risk deporting innocent kids — and seeing them die trying to rejoin their families?

New coach, new approach

Police Chief George Gascón, just two months on the job, is already making big changes

Brütal odyssey

Game designer Tim Schafer rides a heavy metal road to Brütal Legend

Collective growth

After 11 years and many manifestations, the sound of Anticon still travels


Mixing brewpub standards with the occasional Louisiana twist in the Upper Haight

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Yes on A, no on D- and where are the revenue measures? Complete endorsements for the Nov. 3 S.F. election

Psychic Dream Astrology

October 14-20: You've got the right stuff, but you're using it all wrong, Aquarius