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Volume 43 Number 52

Northen high (and low) lights

Silly Gallic heavens and hollow Darwinian costume flicks at the Toronto International Film festival

Mark of quality

Mark Morris Dance Group premieres embody creative elegance


Rock duo Om initiates "a conversation between the instruments"

Easy as one 23

The enigma behind the music of the riddle of Rainbow Bridge

Seattle slew

On 100%, supreme vinyl storyteller Kid Koala rocks out with his turntable out

Come of age

Pacific Film Archive celebrates 50 years of Ermanno Olmi

Welcome weirdness

An elusive director returns to the unnerving with You, the Living

Flesh tones

THE SEX ISSUE: The new music of gay porn. Plus: SS Trannyshack, Sissy Fit, and more


Chuckles on the 21 Hayes, Tapatio at Sunrise Restaurant

Creamin’ for comics

THE SEX ISSUE: Get your pencils out for the best graphic porn

The $2.8 billion rate hike

PG&E's higher electric rates will suck vast sums from SF's economy

Remaking Market Street

A mess that doesn't work well for any users is on track for improvement

Crunch time

Lennar and its partners make final push to approve massive development proposal

Microfinance for radicals

The Agape Foundation has proven that a little money can help grassroots organizations go a long way

Tiff 09

September 23, 2009

Of human bondage

THE SEX ISSUE: The Bay's wonderful women of BDSM aren't bound by convention

Too clever by half

American Idiot's Broadway launch at Berkeley Rep


The younger, more casual sibling of Yaya gracefully merges Iraqi and Californian influence

Volume 43 Number 52 Flip-through Edition

September 23, 2009
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September 22, 2009
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September 22, 2009
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Stopping PG&E’s fraudulent initiative

PG&E's "right to vote" ballot initiative has a misleading name, a misleading political message, and could spell the end of public power in California

A new California tax revolt

The state and global financial crises have pushed the UC system into intense contraction, compounding years of rising student costs