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Volume 43 Number 47

Hittin’ the tube

THE DRUG ISSUE: A&E's Intervention -- do junkies ever watch it?

Ewok talk

Giggling skyward with Six Organs of Admittance. Plus: Box Elders, Grass Widow, Jay Reatard, and more

‘Time’ passages

THE DRUG ISSUE: Taking a listen to Coil's music to take drugs to

Mothership connections

THE DRUG ISSUE: George Clinton has used, not abused, drugs

Intoxicated rhythms

THE DRUG ISSUE: Recordings by musicians under the influence

Band of blabbers

Quentin Tarrantino's chatty war epic Inglourious Basterds

Alphabet soup

THE DRUG ISSUE: A brief meditation on the recent history of club drugs. Plus some fun parties.

Made in USA

THE DRUG ISSUE: Under the overpass, Righteous Dopefiend finds a different kind of San Francisco drug story

This land is ‘Methland’

THE DRUG ISSUE: A new book tracks a drug through America's cracks and faultlines

The elephant in the shroom

THE DRUG ISSUE: It's time to start being realistic about magic mushrooms

Drunk on words

THE DRUG ISSUE: 12 hallucinogenic novels and 8 inebriated memory pieces

The Corner

Reflecting the local "Mission hipster California cuisine" ethos without showing off


Duck soup for one at the Old Siam

Wild thing

Dear Andrea: I've read your column (and other sex columns) for years, and one thing I always notice you saying is that all fantasies are...

Cranked up

THE DRUG ISSUE: Are party girls starting to catch up with the boys?

Fewer young people using drugs

THE DRUG ISSUE: When it comes to illicit substances, SF's kids are alright.

Mirant plant to close

The agreement also requires Mirant to pay the city $1 million

Packing for the trip

THE DRUG ISSUE: The art of taking drugs to -- and at -- Burning Man

Chronic debate

THE DRUG ISSUE: Marijuana decriminalization moves forward on several fronts

Confessions of a Bo-Fessional

THE DRUG ISSUE: Leanin' on codeine and promethazine with Shady Nate and Livewire

Volume 43 Number 47 Flip-through Edition

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This is your film on drugs

THE DRUG ISSUE: One film critic's top movie freakout scenes

Theater You Can Eat

A play that examines how what we put in our mouths can affect our souls, minds, and the way we interact with one another

Kurt Vile

Winsome, bare-bones fingerpickers and wailing Crazy Horse jams