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Volume 43 Number 42

The one true way

andrea@mail.altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: WebMD sent out this slightly goofy "10 Amazing Health Benefits of Sex." Among the benefits of "healthy loving in a relationship," according to...

Next-door horror

Catherine Deneuve holds the line with a re-release of Polanski's Repulsion

Park it on the free way

THE FREE ISSUE: Mission Creek Music Fest's free concert gives it away. Plus: Unagi, Pink Mountain, and more

Citric acid rock

No Edsels in Ty Segall's garage — if life gives you Lemons, turn up the volume

Superior sounds

The Very Best blaze forth with sun-drenched, virtuoisic Afro-pean pop

Magic man

Post-chill, Bonobo moves beyond downtempo into the future

A new ambient

Brock Van Wey brings fresh atmosphere to the genre with White Clouds Go On and On


What was that, again? Humpday's hot dude-on-dude inaction

Unhappily ever after

(500) Days of Summer's seasonal affective disorder

Squeeze me

THE FREE ISSUE: A rundown of the city's best free clubs. Plus: Watcha-Clan, Smack, Pheeko Dubfunk, and more

The loneliest number

Mediocre matzo balls at New York by the Bay

Corporations co-opt “local”

As the movement to buy local gains momentum, chains try to get in on the action and confuse consumers

Making great streets

The Great Street Project is helping transform San Francisco's streets into safe, vibrant public spaces

Something for nothing

Free food. Free pot. Free haircuts. Free music. Free paint. Free Wi-Fi. Free phone service. Free sex events. Free urban adventures ... our guide to the essence of cheap

Flour + Water

Humble ingredients spun into wonderful, slightly exotic pastas and well-blistered thin-crust pizzas

The Bush era

Leafy lady Kate Bush's musical family tree sprouts cover versions and young seedlings

Volume 43 Number 42 Flip-through Edition

July 15, 2009
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They will not be silent

The San Francisco Mime Troupe reaches 50 with "Too Big to Fail"

Flyaway Productions

An "apparatus-based" performance

Vieux Farka Toure

A talented African guitar hero whose taste for rock isn't just skin deep, it's in his DNA

Collision Fest, Convergence Fest, and “Faux Real”

This year's MCMF says here's to the ladies who launch - the women who make new musical rules in order to break them.

Graphic Sexual Horror

A fair-minded glimpse into the pain-glorious performances and behind-the-scenes procedures of the now defunct hardest of the hardcore bondage Web sites

Partial Suspension for Complete Sadists and the Marquis Fetish Ball

It's hard not to feel tied down by the weight of the work week, but remember, not all bondage is bad

Editor’s Notes

Ain't no free lunch. Not in America, not in 2009. But it's a thought.