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Volume 43 Number 34


AFRO-SURREAL: Ronald K. Brown steps into Nick Cave's creations

Born to be wildly visionary

AFRO-SURREAL: Of black tomorrows, yesterday, today, and antiquity

Devil’s poetry

AFRO-SURREAL: Bob Kaufman's California duende blues

Afro-lunacy in bloom

AFRO-SURREAL: Fragments from the files of Dr. Snakeskin

Ain’t I a werewolf?

AFRO-SURREAL: Diaspora consciousness in the Underworld trilogy

Natural light

Oliver Assayas puts on an antique roadshow with "Summer Hours"

SFIAF’s dance events

May they have many more and may we have many more SF International Arts Festivals

Uptown Thursday night

AFRO-SURREAL: Camp Lo bring the wordplay, elegance, and Bronx bravado

Rock, B.C.

Vancouver's Twin Crystals wrap riffs around your face and scorch you

Black man in the cosmos

AFRO-SURREAL: All hail an interplanetary stream of Sun Ra reissues

Ding dong, Wicked Witch is alive

AFRO-SURREAL: The lost sounds of D.C. machine funk are revived

For your earholes

AFRO-SURREAL: Chelonis R. Jones designs more psycho audio couture

Editor’s Notes

Chiu has done some good things, but he's still very new - and in this case, he didn't stand up to the mayor

Downtown’s missing history

Reject the new condo tower project next to the Transamerica Building

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The list in surrealist

AFRO-SURREAL: A hilarious and disturbing cinematic top 10

The cult of Fanaka

AFRO-SURREAL: A filmmaker reflects on his groundbreaking career

Call it Afro-Surreal

AFRO-SURREAL: Black is the new black -- a 21st century manifesto

Fear itself

Phat Philly

Crash landings

Is the new wave of war veterans getting the help it needs?

Dazed and confused

Marijuana and quality-of-life cases clog Newsom's Community Justice Court

State of the movement

Antiwar activists struggle to maintain pressure for peace

Madcap laughs

A regal visit with musician and sound-searcher Sir Richard Bishop