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Volume 43 Number 31

What’s a label?

Labelmania: Our music critics take in the changing music industry and try to find some meaning

The name game

Labelmania: What does a record label mean in 2009? Label owners sound off

Saved by zero

Labelmania: Dance music still shakes off labels and flirts with the void

Great expectations?

Labelmania: Indie labels ride the ups and downs of buzz and bluster

Home run

American Hwangap a winning homecoming dramedy

Volume 43 Number 31 Flip-through Edition

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Reel Talk

"State of Cinema Address by Mary Ellen Mark"

The body count

Quinn's Lighthouse in Oakland

What do (people) want?

andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Have you heard of a study that analyzed biometric feedback from self-identified male bisexuals, and the notable finding was that the overwhelming majority...

Historic proportions

Green City: A battle over the former longshoremen's hall has sparked a move to rethink waterfront planning

Going nuclear

Legislators demand better cleanup plans for a radioactive shipyard dump

Got to be ‘Real’

Real Housewives of New York City reads as an uptown-downmarket update of Edith Wharton

Arnold’s big hoax

ENDORSEMENTS: Props. 1A-1F would damage public services and lock the state in a fiscal straightjacket -- forever. Vote no

In bloom

At 88, choreographer Anna Halprin's spirit of dance continues to grow and spread

Zazang Korean Noodle

A nice change from Korean BBQ, featuring homemade noodles and spicy black bean paste

Pretzeled logic

Filmmaker Kate Churchill overshadows her subject in Enlighten Up!

Tango No. 9

Tango in San Francisco is alive and kicking

American Violet

Based on a true story, you can't help rooting that justice will prevail

Thee Oh Sees, Mayyors, Nodzzz

A megabill starring garage kingpins

Paul Taylor Dance Company

Joyously celebratory in one piece and so mordantly corrosive in the next that it leaves you shivering

“Dean Smith: thought forms 2003-2009” and “Dean Byington”

Something different from the clichéd forest animals and color-theory rainbows

Pitting poor against poor

For whatever short-term savings Prop. 1E might provide, the long-term consequences are disastrous

Editor’s Notes

Propositions 1A-1F are a terrible deal, the result of GOP blackmail and extortion — and they won't even solve the problem.