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Volume 43 Number 30

At the desert shore

Throbbing Gristle returns to San Francisco to destroy the universe

Jacinta Vlach/Liberation Dance Theater

Dance is a way to explore personal values in the face of the overwhelming odds created by unequal power relationships

SFIFF: Oaktown fugue

A certain stillness inhabits Frazer Bradshaw's Everything Strange and New

SFIFF: Unhappily ever after

Bluebeard and Hansel and Gretel -- the film fest's fractured, freaky, and feminist fantasies

Throbbing Gristle vs. Machine Sex

The Industrial Revolution of San Francisco

Fun under seige

Nightlife and street parties in San Francisco face official crackdowns -- again

“Punks and Poets: SF Subculture in the ’70s”

You haven't seen so many skinny ripped jeans, torn Patti Smith tees, untamed hairdos, and askew lapel pins since your last trip to the backroom of Adobe Books

SFIFF: In the realms of the real

Sacred Places and Z32 -- SFIFF's unconventional docs

SFIFF: 52 pick-up

SFIFF rides again -- and features a quietly terrifying North Korea doc

Uncivil unions

What the fight over Larry Mazzola says about the progressive and labor movements and their uneasy relationship

First Person Magazine benefit party featuring Gudrun Gut

An homage to the hypnotic state that arrives when you're sucked into your favorite records

NorCal nuggets

NorCal bands gotta make some noise: The Fresh and Onlys and Raw Deluxe dive in. Plus: Flipper, The Grouch, and more

Grass Widow

Molding anxiety, love, and sturdy musicianship into a mesmerizing shape

Bruno’s Pizzeria Cucina

Bruno brings everyone's favorite Italian savory pie to the Fillmore historic jazz district

Film Festival 52

Our ginormous guide to the best of the 2009 San Francisco International Film Festival