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Volume 43 Number 28

Trip at the ‘Brain’

Gorings, stabbings, slicings, slittings, flayings, and disembowelings. Plus: a head in a microwave

El Paso passages

Poetic Lydia follows a family in transition -- and delves into sheer lyricism

Dance cocktail

Eve's Elixir performers mix far-flung styles and genres with an open mind

Victory lap

You can call it a comeback — Oakland female duo Conscious Daughters ride again

The passion of Agnes

Agnes Varda's autobiographical doc spryly dissolves all boundaries

Diamond in the rough

Sugar defies baseball-movie cliches -- and builds, almost unnoticeably, to exhilarating effect


Pizzeria on Valencia

Pay to play?

Fiona Ma claims her mobile home bill is about helping poor people, not the campaign contribution she received

Law vs. Justice

Why is the SF City Attorney's Office pursuing precedents that protect bad police behavior?

Shielding Goni

Why are top Democrats protecting Bolivia's former president from facing trial for the massacres he ordered?

The budget mysteries

Newsom promises deep cuts -- but where?

Appetite 0409



Outsized taco cart by day, high-energy urban cantina in the evening: Tropisueno is a Mexican dream

The new razzle dazzle

Soundsuit visionary Nick Cave fashions a wild trip to the fiery core of inspiration

Cohen koan

In praise of Leonard Cohen past and present. Plus: Richard Swift, Beausoleil, Friendly Fires, and more

Bounce to this

Bass invaders! Woofer darlings Ghislain Poirier, Flying Lotus, Kode9, and the Bug rumble through the Bay

Oprah begs for mercy

andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: "Oprah begs for mercy" sounds so much like the title of one of the S/M fantasy stories you can read online that I...

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What’s Newsom got to offer?

The city's facing a deficit for fiscal 2009-10 of a staggering $438 million - and the mayor wants to keep his plans secret

Editor’s Notes

I'll pay more to save the city - but I don't want to feel like a chump.

Reject the Fisher Museum

We cannot bear the thought of the series of traffic signals inside the park, near the Spanish El Presidio and the 160- year-old U.S. Army Post

“Missed Connection: Souvenirs Of Brief Encounters”

The potential and the poetry of Craigslist posts

Move(men)t: A Men’s Dance Festival

Ten choreographers in all will show their chops in the tiny but hopping Garage performance space

Mos Def

Our once and future truth-teller