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Volume 43 Number 26-

March 25 – March 31, 2009

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Meaner streets

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned -- who cares about psychological realism?

Dirty duo

Sign of the lean times? Misanthropes reign at Berkeley Rep and Cutting Ball

Body language

Jess Curtis/Gravity and skin's sculptural temptations

SXSW the un-Safeway

South by Southwest redux: Sparking with PJ Harvey, Metallica, codpieces, and buffalo checks

Alloy trio

Behold the blissful motorik and cryptic theatrics of Bronze

Eclectic city

The hipster and the hip-replaced come together at the Switchboard Fest

Sweet symphony

Parenthetical Girls tap into the tingle of Entanglements

Cat’s cradle

Ben Rivers' short films at Other Cinema and SF Cinematheque seek out overgrown paths

Outsider art

Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa strange arc toward Tokyo Sonata

Fluffy bunners

The velvet mafia's gonna kill me: GayVNs, Devotion, Look Out Weekend, and more nightlife

Bar Johnny

More than just bar food -- memorable, eclectic, and priced for value

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The Burrito Shop in Oakland

A third in the hand

Dear Andrea: I've always wanted to have a threesome and my wife is willing, but she would prefer to do it with her first boyfriend. At...

Off the wall

A strange string of art thefts hits local galleries -- is the once exploding market to blame?

When protesters become ‘terrorists’

Civil liberties defense groups say recent animal activist arrests are bad news for free speech

Monopoly money

As the ax falls at the Chronicle, observers ponder whether a MediaNews cure could be worse than the disease

The polluting Port

Diesel exhaust from old idling vehicles has created a serious public health threat

Appetite: Hookahs on Mission, gnocchi deals, Midi in FiDi, and more

Food-and-drink spots, deals, events and news

Pricing women out of health care

In some cases, women were charged more than 50 percent more — and as much as 140 percent more - for identical health plans.

Saving SF’s human services

Obama specifically stated that the FMAP cash should prevent a loss of services, somehow, Mayor Gavin Newsom doesn't see it that way

Editor’s Notes

If the Times was in such dire financial straights that it had to fire half its staff, like the Chron, I'd be joining the national uproar.

“Old Times” and “The Homecoming”

Two Harold Pinter domestic dramas, if so prosaic a term can apply to the psychological warfare underway in them


The grueling lives of five female dancers making their careers in present-day, post-Soviet Russia