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Volume 43 Number 25

Kennedy, compounded

A new film imagines Vietnam if Kennedy had lived

Back to nature

The 38th season of ODC/Dance Downtown kicks off with promising premieres

Model A

Traveling Jewish Theatre's not-to-be-missed The Model Apartment

Sleeper cells

Welcome back, Jacko. Plus: Bee Gees, Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band, Mirah, and more

About time

Four Tet jumps genres, but its meaningful abstractions sticks like glue

Swedish fetish

The Scandinavian path from ABBA's ice castles to Fever Ray

More meaner, more cleaner

Fool's Gold bridges the pop girl and DJ nerd divide with viral hits a-plenty

West ghost

California Company Town scopes out lands of the lost


Three vignettes demonstrate what gets lost and found in translation

Say you, say me

Lionel Richie, crocodreadles, and fab drag in Southeast Asia. Plus: Kotchy, Clive Henry, Davies After Dark, and more nightlife

Spicy Bite

Fragrant Indian standards at affordable prices in an easy-to-take location near Bernal Heights


Rockridge Cafe in Oakland

Cave woman

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm ready to go live in a cave. It's been two years since I've dated. Partly I backed off from the scene,...

Station leaves the train

Green City: Is the Transbay Terminal rebuild moving away from its high-speed rail showcase?

Volume 43 Number 25 Flip-through Edition

March 18, 2009
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The rise and fall of a Polk Street hustler

Corey Longseeker is a telling remnant of this gentrifying neighborhood's colorful past

Save the Chronicle!

Hearst should not be allowed to turn San Francisco into the first major American city with no major daily newspaper

Editor’s Notes

Poor people are better at building communities than rich people

Real set-aside reform

Amend the charter to create a new class of ordinance, one that would allow for multiyear budgeting

Jewish Music Festival

Certain postracial/maxicultural sectors of society are pushing back against the end times

“The Caretakers”

Surveying the loss that saturates the American West


Singing the soundtrack for youth in Iran in the 1970s

“Fridays at the Ballet”

A good deal on one of the hottest ballet companies in the country