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Volume 43 Number 21

Whither Indie?

Noise Pop 09: Reassessing the fest

Appetite: Food, drink and urban hunting

SF's best spots, deals, events and news

Feel-good sounds

Noise Pop 09: Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele and A.C. Newman make a plea for pop

To sleep, to dream

Noise Pop 09: Sleepy Sun shines on with honest rock 'n' roll

All ears

Noise Pop 09: We chew over a few more tasty Noise Pop niblets

Johnny on the spot

Behind the scenes of the most famous behind-bars live LP: At Folsom Prison

Sing, memory

Noise Pop 09: Lingering looks backward and forward with Sholi

Take off

Noise Pop 09: N.A.S.A. taps an ambitious spirit

Another blue world

Noise Pop 09: Odawas scores a synth-pop beauty with The Blue Depths

The Tao of Thao

Noise Pop 09: Easy does it with yarn-spinning indie songwriter Thao Nguyen

Noise Pop puzzle

Noise Pop 09: Clues blues

Days of being wild

Noise Pop 09: Oh say can you see Thee Oh Sees?

Volume 43 Number 21 Flip-through Edition

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Golden eye

Considering the Oscars

San Francisco Ballet’s “Swan Lake”

The return of the classical idiom


Rap and midrange vocals at the Ragga Muffins Festival

Foot Village

A sovereign nation of drum-toting, megaphone-wielding musical savages

Family, business, and sexuality

Brilliante Mendoza's Serbis has the feel of an Altman film

“Every Sound You Can Imagine”

The ambitious exhibition at New Langston sets concepts into motion

Punk pop riddle

Zero Boys reunites and reemerges

Speed reading

Against Happiness and A Field Guide to Melancholy

Bullet time

Will Crips and Bloods go the way of Dogtown and Z-Boys?

Lost Angeles

The Savage Eye finds fear and loathing in the City of Angels

Solo album

John Campbell's