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Volume 43 Number 20

Attention: New Mexican revolution scheduled

As multimillionaire mummies meet on Davos ice mountain to mourn capitalism, the south sambas in the streets of Belem to celebrate its demise

Splitting heirs

The SF Silent Film Festival's winter event brings the spinal chills

A cold one

Little heat, plenty of miscasting mar NCTC's Tennessee in the Summer


Black Choregraphers Festival takes off


Mutant dance met no-wave noise in the hands of Toy Killers

The color purp

East Oakland veteran G-Stack paints the town with his latest, Dr. Purp Thumb

Speed Reading

San Francisco Noir 2, Warhol Live, and Andy Warhol: Blow Job

To a pulp

"One-Two Punch" stalks noir from page to screen

Dirty old town

Of Time and the City -- rich, raspy, and megadramatic

Low camp

Bass Camp drops the future boom on SF. Plus: Kafana Balkan, DJ Craze, Aly and Fila, and more

True colors

Eat First on Ocean in San Francisco

Heterosexuality on parade

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: During sexual intercourse, what techniques can the woman do with her vagina to make sex feel really good for the man? Love, Trixie Dear Trix: Why...

Biodiesel’s leaps

With small- and large-scale infrastructure falling into place, the biofuels movement in San Francisco is gathering momentum

Iran here

Niyaz tantalizes with electronic and acoustic sounds propelled by Sufi poetry. Plus: NOFX, Yo Majesty, and more

Public safety adrift

At this pivotal moment for law enforcement, will Newsom and his top deputies continue to let politics guide policy?

SEX SF Feb 13

Bar Jules

A well-polished changeable menu and great hipster watching distinguish this Parisian-influenced hotspot

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The future of a giant landlord

In the past few years, tenant organizing has brought attention to CitiApartments' aggressive tactics and put a kink in the company's plans.

Editor’s Notes

Standing in front of the White House and not protesting anything

Ma’s JROTC bill needs to die

This simply isn't Sacramento's business

“Fabliaux: Tom Marioni Fairy Tales”

The exhibition summons noisy spirits and stands up to multiple listening sessions

Import Export

No attempt at empathy or conscientiousness goes un-snuffed under the grind of capitalism

Valentine’s Day Music

Without drippy musings on the perfume of roses and a huddle of cooing lovebirds