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Volume 43 Number 17

Fill her up

This year's Women on the Way festival sets off sparks

Night at the museum

A return visit to Rich and Famous

Fresh jam

SF trio Mi Ami make it happen. Plus: The Ettes, Wavves, Azteca, and more

It’s a hit

Getting high on Bay Area combo High Castle's damaged style

Wale watch

Taking the pulse of viral hip-hop in '09 with one of its raw talents

Bringin’ on the heartache

UK soul warbler Adele washes up stateside

Just dandy

Modern Menswear outfits the new aesthete's imagination

Get behind him

Catching an elusive icon's drift as he sings about Pasolini and Mussolini

Volume 43 Number 17 Flip-through Edition

January 21, 2009
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The stink of ink

This year's Noir City fest is full of lurid news


Emerging from an avalanche of early acclaim to be a genuinely winning restaurant

Eating out

Dipping into Pho Tan Hoa on Jones

Emily Postfeminist

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Andrea is on vacation. Check out this column originally published Jan. 3, 2007. Dear Andrea: Recently, my boyfriend and I were at a strip club...

Round and round

David King uncovers spherical lyricism on paper and at the Dump

Housing is economic stimulus

We need calls demanding that a share of economic recovery funding be given directly to local organizations to develop desperately needed housing and community spaces

Change you can live in?

Inauguration Issue: New stimulus plan falls short on housing money

Transportation bonanza

Inauguration Issue: The first year of Obama's term could see the biggest federal investment in transportation projects since the creation of the interstate highway system

Ask not what SF can do for you …

Inauguration Issue: How progressives can participate in changing the city and world

Editor’s Notes

On every level we all have to get more engaged, more involved in the community

Don’t privatize cab permits

Why should cab drivers get a special deal from the city?

Ending war

Inauguration Issue: Will Obama be able to achieve peace?

Profiles of change

Inauguration Issue: President Obama's call for citizen action is already resonating

Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenco

Powerful, intimate, theatrical dance

Calvin Johnson

The obverse of Henry Rollins is au courant