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Volume 43 Number 11

Talking heads, part one

Who's the real screentime hog: the commentator or the celeb-bot?

Dig it

History proves as timely as ever in Thick Description's revival of The America Play

Party hardy

Smuin Ballet's holiday extravaganza "The Christmas Ballet" is a mixed bag

Broken but not broke

Berkeley beat brain Replife keeps an Unclosed Mind

Demon Days without end

Carl Craig's backlash-free club night roams to SF

Hustle in hard times

Pinging the Bay Area rap business, version .08

Better the devil you know

A look at The Complete Kylie

Wow wow wow wow

Unapologetic collaborator Kevin Killian on Pepsi, Joe Jonas' eyebrows, and Action Kylie

Dick in a box

An ex-prez and a journalist make TV history in Frost/Nixon

Souther-fried nocturne

William Eggleston's lost film Stranded in Canton is an extraordinary exegesis on the ordinary

Hot and bothered

Moki's Sushi and Pacific Grill

Extra! Extra! Heterosexuality in peril!

Dear Readers: I'm kind of pretty and pretty damned smart I like romantic things like music and art and as you know I have a gigantic heart so why...

Breaking ground

The Transbay Terminal project moves forward — without funding for its rail component

7.5 better ways to balance the budget

Newsom's mid-year budget cut plan is completely out of touch with the fundamental priorities of our city

Kim Gale, the world’s nicest guy, 1941-2008

A celebration of the life of Jeremy Kimball (Kim) Gale, a colorful Guardian graphic artist who died Nov. 28, in Marin General Hospital of...

Club hubbub

Checking out new clubs Atmosphere and Infusion, and the newly revved up Paradise Lounge. Plus: Stella laugh it up up


Blasthaus hits lucky 13 with Matthew Dear, Dubclash Volume II steps out, Diamond Daggers hoe down


Though its name recalls a region of Spain, the commanding corner restaurant's menu of small plates is surprisingly and delightfully global

Making the Transbay Terminal work

Building an adequate terminal for high-speed rail at its present location would cost at least $750 million, money that would be better spent funding the downtown extensio

Editor’s Notes

Shifting wealth from the top to the bottom, creating public sector jobs in the process, is an fine recipe for economic stimulus

Tap dreams

Who controls what we drink? Corporate water comes to (and from) San Francisco

Volume 43 Number 11 Flip-through Edition

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Couch-surf theater

Boxcar takes Edward Albee's The American Dream on the road (sort of)


Danceable, bass-heavy, hip-hop adjacent beats