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Volume 43 Number 04

Not unlike crack

This year's model: FIFA Soccer 09 is satisfyingly weighty and beefs up player models in contrast to FIFA 08

Ritual de lo non-habitual

Dohee Lee fascinates with Flux


Budget Rock Seven music fest. Plus: The USAISAMONSTER, Bridge School Benefit, and Against Me!

Ane Brun

Savoring the seasonal shifts

Cosmic backlash

Is space no longer the place for neo-disco?

Wildildlife by numbers

Math and music

Take your time

Between the Devil and the Notwist

Surrealism’s island

Breton's Martinique still works like a charm

Deeper and deeper

Madonna's Filth and Wisdom another unlucky star

Full disclosure

Secrecy investigates executive power and the need-to-know



Cougar Den

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea, I appreciated your response to Older and Wiser , the late-20s woman who is planning marriage and kids with her late-50s boyfriend. Fourteen...

Freeze! You’re … just browsing

Jack Hanley Gallery stakes a spot within the spectacle of the Frieze Art Fair in London

Little Delhi

Favoring curry

Editor’s Notes

Why is Gavin Newsom against every single ballot item that would take the city in a more environmentally sound direction?

Anniversary Issue: The money at home

A sustainable local economy starts with small business — and the public sector

Anniversary Issue: Culture isn’t convenient

Sustaining entertainment and nightlife in San Francisco requires awareness and a policy shift

Anniversary Issue: Beyond the automobile

The road to sustainability has lanes for more than just cars

Anniversary Issue: Just Food Nation

Transforming how we eat will address poverty, public health, and environmental sustainability

Anniversary Issue: First, do no harm

A sustainable land use plan is about what we don't allow as well as what we do

Anniversary Issue: A city transformed

Fighting the power structure, and building a sustainable community, for 42 amazing years

Anniversary Issue: People’s power

A sustainable energy system is well within San Francisco's reach

Sustainable San Francisco

A vision for the city's future, our 42nd anniversary special

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