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Volume 43 Number 03

Live bait

Ups and downs: what you get from Born Ruffians and Wire

Independence day

Bay Area label SMC Recordings goes national with a local rap roster

You can’t kill them

They're already the Dead C, New Zealand's unsung free-rockers

Speed Reading

Chuck Klosterman's Night Owl wakes up sleepyville

Garrison killer

ISBN Real: Death in a Prairie House revisits the Taliesin murders

Free hugs

DJ Mark Farina shrooms, Umoja Hi-Fi booms, and NonStop Bhangra blooms

Bottom biscuits

Yummie in Oakland

Hand it to him

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: A male friend recently told me that he finds it very frustrating when women try to please him in ways other than...

Volume 43 Number 3 Flip-through Edition

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The mirage

Bring on Liberace: "Double Down: Two Visions of Vegas" goes for broke

FEAST Fall 2008

Seoul food, Jewish joints, blood sausages, breakfasts to go ... Our 2008 guide to the warm and unexpected flavors of the season

EXCLUSIVE: Downtown’s slate

Follow the money through the PAC maze to fine PG&E and downtown's candidates

Endorsements 2008

Obama for President, Campos, Mar, and Chiu for supervisor. Yes, yes, yes on A and H. No, no, no on 8. Our complete endorsements for the Nov. 4 election

Reviving radicalism

The economic collapse and seemingly endless wars are lending new energy and credibility to the revolutionary movements

Horror at home

Model refugee camp in the Marina lets San Franciscans experience the daily nightmare of millions

A real plan for safety in the Mission

The solution: community policing and engagement around social problems

The land of the screen

A ride on the rails of the Vancouver International Film Festival

Greener than thou

Green City: A look at Mayor Newsom's newest green initiatives

Editor’s Notes

How downtown and the landlords are trying to take over the Board of Sups

Looking in at outsider art

DocFest flick I'm Like This Every Day faces "shadow demons"

Economic stimulus, at home

Put money in the hands of the people most likely to spend it

Land of the free, home of the brave

DocFest offers a cockeyed view of a kooky country

Chan Chan can cook

The chefs at Chan Chan Cafe Cubano work their island magic with Cuban favorites

Doc workers

DocFest's founder and programmers prepare for boxers, bunnies, and beasts — and their biggest-ever event