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Volume 43 Number 01

Vintage anniversary covers

October 22, 2008
16th Anniversary issue Oct. 6-13, 1982 www.sfbg.com/PDFs/politics/anniv16.49.pdf Oct 6- 13, 1982 16th anniversary issue www.sfbg.com/PDFs/politics/anniv17.50.pdf Oct 12- 19, 1983 17th anniversary issue www.sfbg.com/PDFs/politics/anniv18.51.pdf Oct 10-...

High Places

Jungle music from the heart of hipsterland

Razor-blade snickers

The Dead Channels Film Festival offers plenty of early trick-or-treats

Free for all — and freewheelin’

Our picks for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

Please, Hammer, don’t hurt my bluegrass

Hammer time at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 8 means reaching out

Magical madness

Underground house icon Mike Monday shimmies between fun and funny

Raging hormones

Mark Morris takes on Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet

Do look back

Chazz Palminteri revisits A Bronx Tale


Gogol Bordello storms Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Plus: Plastic People of the Universe land to Rock 'n Roll

Manifestos and sodas

Lit Crawl 2008: Joshua Clover wrangles popular poetry and the poetry of pop

Bend Sinister

Lit Crawl 2008: Bucky Sinister hits bedrock and breaks the self-help mold with Get Up

Smoke signals

Little Joe's on Mission Street

Volume 43 Number 1 Flip-through Edition

October 1, 2008
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No satisfaction

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: In a recent column, I mock-lamented the lack of a better expression than "tit for tat" to describe the writer's situation and...

Spread it

LoveFest sprawls and soars with a week's worth of beats bashes

Get rhythm

Music films highlight the 2008 Mill Valley Film Festival

All American Rejects

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist: Find Fluffy, already

Back to Oakland?

September 30, 2008
In what could be his first move toward the mayor's seat, Don Perata's political machine is working overtime to elect one of its own to Oakland's City Council

The Chronicle manufactures a crisis

Unbalanced and sensationalist coverage of a handful of youth is creating a dangerous mob mentality

Editor’s Notes

The supervisorial races would be very different without ranked-choice voting

The big landlords’ blackmail

If these thugs can threaten a popular and essential public works program, then the mayor and the supervisors will forever be vulnerable

Connecting the drops

Green City: A controversial proposal to take more water from the Sierra for urban and agricultural uses

Project Censored

The top 10 stories the US news media missed in the past year


The bar's the thing at this Hayes Valley sushi hotspot