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Volume 42 Number 50

Up in smoke?

Bummer: the fourth season of Weeds is a comedown


San Francisco Fringe Festival juggles peg heads, clowns, Nazi pals

Too hot

Nelly gets soulful and sweaty. Plus: Tricky, Younger Lovers, Janet Jackson, and more

Jam econo

The black-and-white DIY of the Farfisa-laced Love Me Nots

Lose yourself

Ty Segall does punk, and an array of other pet sounds, right

Girls, Girls, Girls

Heartache and unhinged longing: the locals get our motors running

Gore, no?

High Life surfs waves of bloody "gorno"

Buddha system

Taking in the zentastically huge, newish Temple nightclub

Sex and salad

Saigon Cuisine in Santa Rosa

Freaks of nature

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I suspect there is no solution to this problem, but it cannot hurt to ask. I recently met a wonderful woman and,...

Friends of Dorothy

New group show takes off from The Wizard of Oz's yellow brick road

Democracy in St. Paul

While Republicans gestured inside, police stole the streets from the people

Moment of truth

The Eastern Neighborhoods Plan could determine whether San Francisco retains its working-class residents

Why SF needs Prop. H

We should have a say in how our electrical needs are met -- and be able to demand more clean, renewable energy

The buzz on urban bees

Beekeeping is more than a curious hobby -- it's an essential link in the chain of life as we know it

PG&E’s $107 million lie

Prop. H not only sets aggressive targets for renewable energy; it opens the door for a city-owned and city-operated electrical system

Editor’s Notes

What happens when a mayor who lacks political courage decides to run for higher office

Canadian shakin’

Bros, butts, more at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival

Cleaner and cheaper

The Clean Energy Act could mean lower carbon emissions — and lower electric bills

Elite Cafe

A delicious New Orleans-inspired secret on Fillmore

Volume 42 Number 50 Flip-through Edition

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Collaboration! Dance & Music 2008

Choreographers collide with composers for multi-media mayhem

Berkeley Old Time Music Convention

Proving it's more than country music's hillbilly brother

Eccentric and unclassified

Okie Rosette and Little Teeth defy categorization