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Volume 42 Number 49

The shock of the old

Mad Men attracts and repels with its blasts from the "past"

The grateful undead

Outside lands from the inside and a Drum Shop catastrophe. Plus, Mommyheads, Daedelus, Death Vessel, Ise Lyfe, and more

“Peering Through the Portal”

Two fascinating groups of Asian American background that thrive on collaboration

SF Electronic Music Festival

Science-derived computer music, synth-y innovation,s and rearranged Persian classics

Mirah and Spectratone International

A genuinely unusual way to think about those winged strangers we tend to swat away

“Trouble the Water”

Rappers, it turns out, make the best reporters in this amazing Katrina doc

“Miju: Effigies and Demigods”

How did you fit so many big paintings in such a small gallery?

Hello ta-tas

Tweaking fantastic bimonthly TITS at the Transfer

Horn dogs unite

Hornucopia Festival brings together lovers of that bold and brassy sound

“Not tough”

The Tea Elles toast the new breed of punky, surfy rock 'n' roll

More power to the righteous

Michael Franti has the respect of this rebel rocker

Green and red

A bio goes searching for Joschka Fischer — and finds leftist possibilities

Paper weight

The specific matter of Hollywood glamour shots and postcard records

The filth and the fury

Obscene chronicles one man's lifelong crusade against censorship


Ping Pong Playa brings new talent to the tables

Identity crisis

› le_chicken_farmer@yahoo.com CHEAP EATS My answering machine almost always has a message on it for Brent Casserole. It's another machine, talking to my machine, and...

Here Today

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: What the heck is going on with the Today contraceptive sponge? My wife and I have always used condoms, but when we...

Locking up the press

Will Congress protect journalists — or pass a bill too weak to matter?


All great movements must begin and radiate from some place

Del Martin, 1921-2008

An appreciation

Unaffordable nation

Will people pay more for slow food?

Editor’s Notes

Watching Obama's big speech with my son

Take Lowe’s off the table

If we've learned anything from the past few years, it's that big-box chains can't be trusted

Death and the maiden

Photographer Lee Miller maintained her unwavering focus on the gruesome