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Volume 42 Number 37

A vote for public power in November

EDITORIAL Working with environmentalist cover, Mayor Gavin Newsom and Pacific Gas and Electric Co. have moved aggressively to derail a move that would have...

13 and life

Ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma ... Jason's back at Camp Crystal Lake

Facing the music

Trap Door explores moral agency in the Iraq occupation

Mo’ Jello

Punk icon Biafra's golden jubilee approaches. Plus: Neil Hamburger moans and groans, and shitgazers Times New Viking Rip It Off

New foragers

Jack Carneal's Yaala Yaala Records pipelines the sounds of Mali

Scramble for Africa 3.0

Indie bands lead the charge in sonic imperialism

Speed Reading

Putting the XO in Botox: Go Fug Yourself Presents the Fug Awards and Beautiful Children

Blondells have more fun?

Another look at an enigma from cinema's so-called Golden Age

Mr. Miserabilism

Michael Haneke puts the tragedy in TV

E-Z Sleaze

Electro DJ Sleazemore gets graphic, Milano duo Crookers cook up fidget house

A lady’s choice

Panda Country Kitchen

Knock three times

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I am a happily married man (16 years). My wife and I's lives are pretty good. But I have a recurring fantasy...

Genetically modified mouthpieces

With press releases in hand, journalists repeated genetically modified words as if their DNA depended upon it

SF Weekly seeks to delay payment

The chain that owns SF Weekly, which last year had revenue of at least $159 million and more than $11 million in profit, argued...

Editor’s Notes

If Mark Leno had lost, he would have lost big

This ain’t the singularity

Has the whole idea of world-changing technology finally become nothing more than an advertising jingle?

Newsom’s power play

"Have they been concerned about what's clean, about our people?"

Tech art 2.0

Wistfully hopeful, 01SJ's "Superlight" aerates a genre

Club Waziema

A pool-hall feel at Divisadero's unaffected Ethiopian delight

Greater Goode

Puppet body, dancing soul in Joe Goode's "Wonderboy," hard drinking hookers in "Maverick Strain"

The house that Hiero built

The veteran rappers of Hieroglyphics open their doors to young street crews PTB and Livewire

Election as prologue

Leno victory and other ballot results shift San Francisco's political landscape

And so it begins

Mayor's budget hits poor hard, signaling a big battle with the Board of Supervisors

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