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Volume 42 Number 35


Gay marriage mania!

Volume 42 Number 35 Flip-through Edition

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I against I

Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?

Mixed doubles

Yves Jacques talks Robert Lepage and The Andersen Project

Burn this

Fiery Furnaces, REM, Immigrant, Swervedriver, and more

Art Street Theatre

Longing for Moscow

The Long Blondes

Lusty glam rock

The Cool Kids

Hip-hop akin to busting a wheelie

Senseless violence

The Strangers is refreshingly creative ... until the end

“Tree Show IV”

Buy stuff! Save forests!


Rico McTaco, boy's club, and more

Tales of the shitty

Erick Lyle views SF through its Lower Frequencies


Hook, line, and sinker

Hellarity burns

How a cauldron of squatters and property owners, stirred by green dreams and the bursting housing bubble, set an unusual Oakland house ablaze

Scraper success

The Trunk Boiz are ridin' for Oakland

Nuclear fusings

Jazz players meld the sounds 'round the corner with those 'round the world

The orbs

Huge evergrowing pulsating brains that rule from the center of Other Cinema

Rich and useless

The Fall and the flights of Tarsem

Bullet time

Johnnie To's gangster hits get the spotlight


Springtime in Clubland looks gorgeous -- and bangers are seizing the day

Walk the line

Soi 4

Fork This

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: This is probably the only time the Alt Sex column will cover the same territory as my new venture, a nice, moderately...

Human-animal hybrid clones

Where science meets science fiction

San Francisco, meet Joe Nation

Progressives should vote for Leno