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Volume 42 Number 34

What the hell

Devil May Cry 4

Volume 42 Number 34 Flip-through Edition

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Flying the coop?

Proposal to ban cages in chicken farms pits efficiency against humane treatment

Fly boys

Flight of the Conchords, No Wave, White Rabbits, Dame Satan, and more

Dancers without borders

San Francisco International Arts Festival thinks locally, acts globally

With or without you

Praying to the reservation gods - whoever they are

Motor psyched

Snake Flower 2's Matthew Melton kick-starts garage rock's biker byways

Weekend warrior

M83'S Saturdays=Youth is a synth-laden paen to Molly Ringwald's '80s

Human beat, motorik city

I flaming heart Michael Rother

Cluster luck

Krautrock's darkest stars reappear in our firmament

Dionysian Festival

Reanimating Isadora, Mary Sano packs 'em in


Noisy melodic fringe meets hip-hop innovation, makes love to old lady

Sun City Girls still shine

Alan and Richard Bishop present "The Brothers Unconnected"


The agony of youth, adequately related by a Norwegian

Power everywhere and nowhere

"After the Revolution: Contemporary Photography from Tehran and California"

Strange powers

Joel Shepard brings a weekend of witchcraft to SF

No one likes to be defeated

Harmony Korine's Mister Lonely moonwalks between surreal and melancholy


Behold, a shiny spork

Like butter

Uncle Willie's BBQ & Fish

Starry-eyed and stripped

Ryan McGinley dreams of a New World


› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm confused. Are there any guys out there who aren't at the extremes as far as sex goes? My ex-boyfriend was completely...


Wikipedia can't save us

Ongoing threat

PG&E asserts dominance while Mayor Newsom waffles on city-owned power

The threat of Proposition 98

Gay marriage wins, but so may anti-discrimination protections