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Volume 42 Number 30

Area 51

The 51st San Francisco International Film Festival takes flight

Feast Spring 2008

FEAST: Our delicious guide to spring and summer Bay Area dining -- dinner dates, outdoor hot spots, Manhattans in the Mission, and more

“Fox in the Mirror”

Eerie vignettes and a dance of sex and sadness

Mad jags

On the fly with 60 Watt Kid, Indian Jewelry, Heavenly States, Kimya Dawson, and Triclops!

Fly, read, eat!

A thought: edible menus

Do you know the way to Plug?

King Most and Kero One show the way

Les Savy life lessons

Tim Harrington defies the predictable

CC Riders

Scott MacDonald traces Canyon Cinema's decades-long zigzag

SFIFF: Highway 51

A road map to the 51st SF International Film Festival

SFIFF: Fierce perm

Robert Towne still knows how to give an award-winning Shampoo

SFIFF: Apolitical animal

Mexico's SFIFF thrillers aren't thrilling, but Cochochi turns loss into victory

SFIFF: Color her deadly

Leave Her to Heaven's strange allure will pull you under

SFIFF: Critic’s choice

In praise of J. Hoberman and In the City of Sylvia

SFIFF: On tour

Mod auteur Serge Bozon makes the war go pop in La France

SFIFF: Ashes to ashes

A dance between Dust and Profit motive and the whispering wind

SFIFF: Blood ties

Asia and Dario Argento go go for a SFIFF trifecta

SFIFF: Explosive stuff!

Craig Baldwin turns space junk into magickal treasure with Mock Up on Mu


Let's go to the board


La Piñata

Let it go

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I broke up with my boyfriend when he moved to another city after a short but intense relationship. Since then, we've visited each...

Online writing is real

It's much easier to burn a book

Peaker plan afloat

Strange political alliance opposes city plan for new fossil fuel power plants and looks for creative alternatives

Newsom’s missing trees

Spinning out the Urban Forest

Promises and reality

Lennar's campaign mailers sound great, but do they paint a false picture of what voters can really expect from Prop. G?