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Volume 42 Number 28

A tisket, a tasket

It's springtime in your basket

7 spring flings

San Francisco is such a gosh darn charming place, it often seems as if there are more romantic dining options than available dates. To...

7 spicy suppers

It's true. Sometimes I can't help but crave the unforgettable feeling of burning my lips and tongue with my food. Some people call it...

Sunshine on my shoulder

Products featured: 2006 Solorosa Napa Valley Wine, Church Street Groceteria; Anchor Steam Beer, Anchor Brewing Company; filone di grano duro baguette, Metropolis Baking Company;...

8 spots for outdoor dining

San Francisco and dining al fresco aren't necessarily allies. But they're not exactly enemies. We do have those gorgeous sunny spring days and plenty...

9 Manhattans in the Mission

I'd burned out on vodka sodas. Straight tequila was making me nuts. And I couldn't seem to find a decent margarita. I needed to...

7 fantastic fish and chips

To the captain in charge of the next Bay Area oil spill, a few requests: (1) It would be great if the oil could be...

1,001 cookbooks you must spatter before you die

... beginning with this indispensable handful by local chefs

7 places to BYOB

Remember that old college chant, "Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer; you're in the clear"? I propose we change that to:...

6 African feasts

If there's one thing I learned while traveling in Africa, it's that you can never predict the sublime. With little to guide you except...

Jovino Santos Neto and Harvey Wainapel Duo

Saxing up the inexhaustible musical traditions of Brazil

Super “Scales”

African-grounded dance dazzles

Rock’s future, decades along

Dinosaur days for REM, Springsteen, and those IMAXed Stones

Jam of lords, lords of jam

The joys of Blenheim apricots

Done wanderin’

Jackie Greene finds life among the Dead

Mothers of invention

Brooklyn savant-rockers Dirty Projectors blaze a path less traveled

While their guitars gently weep

Stars of the Lid continually refines the mix

After the ruins

SF's pasts and futures -- and Chris Carlsson's Nowtopia

Bigger than life

In praise of the overabundant films of Frank Tashlin

Fun but no Dice Man

Chaos Theory gets giddy, then retreats


Yuri's Night blasts off, Jeffrey Paradise emerges, and Thread Recordings launches


Raising the bar

Chickens and cake

Robata Grill & Sushi


› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I have a friend who claims to be asexual. Although women (and occasionally men) have expressed romantic interest in him, he never...