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Volume 42 Number 27

Endorsement: Barry Hermanson

Our endorsement in the April 8 special election -- For Congress: Barry Hermanson

SEIU skullduggery

EXCLUSIVE: Internal emails show top staffers seeking to undermine dissidents in contested union election

Metal mania!

Bay Area thrash returns -- and a new gen of headbangers rocks it raw

This is you driving on drugs

Endless Ocean: Dive, Discover, Dream

Tumbleweed noir

In his first play, Dennis Lehane mines dark mysteries in flyover country

Metal maidens

Women represent, thrash-wise, and metal purveyor Shaxul Records throws open its dark doors

The water cure

Maybe those who insist on bottled water should be obliged to join the smokers outside

Listening deeply to future’s past

Autechre skitters between the post-classical, the plug-in, and the dance floor

Metal Mania: Just keep Walken

Multiple maniacs won't deter these vets

Metal Mania: Rock of ages, for all ages

A youthful Hatchet picks up the thrash where the older bands left off

Metal Mania: See you in the darkness

Metal for ravenous headbangers: Floating Goat, Black Cobra, and more

Metal Mania: The return of the kings

Bay Area thrash is on the comeback as Exodus and Testament rouse new fans with new recordings

Speed Reading

The Death of the Critic and Headless Body in Topless Bar

Outlaw representation

Richard Bruce Nugent's Gentleman Jigger sprawls forward


Kylie Minogue whips it, The Breeders rumble on, and Om Records goes back to its roots (Miami-style)

The joy of cowboys

The children of Marx and Kolaloka ride horseback with Lemonade Joe

Tom’s jones

A short cruise through the history of United Artists

CAV Wine Bar & Kitchen

The big dig


Green Chile Kitchen


› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: I've written aplenty about testosterone: for instance, the then-new research demonstrating that high testosterone does not make a male a winner as...

English is dead

My glee in the destruction of my own spoken language isn't entirely inspired by knowing language history

Chop from the top

You might expect that when the mayor proposes an "across the board" budget cut from city departments, almost any position in city government would be on the table.

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Emeric Kalman, 1931-2008

Tenacious in his activism, Kalman never walked away from an issue