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Volume 42 Number 25

March 19 – March 25, 2008

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The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (03/24/08)

4 U.S. Soldiers killed. U.S. Soldier death toll is now at 4,000.

Blown coverage

The mainstream media loved the Iraq war

Where’s Otto?

Alex Cox repossesses the graphic novel with Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday

“Cariño: Economy of the Heart”

Her voice is soft; her voice is quiet. But she won't go away

Jewish Music Festival

The thrill of adventure and the solace of tradition, assimilation, ostracism, whimsy, and gravity


Doing his best to ignore genres and focus on "quality booty music"

The Duchess Of Langeais

One of the most beautiful pictures so far this year

Velvet Cantina

Velvet atmosphere, polyester food

Ace invader

Ace Frehley speaks!

Hot fusion

Perú Negro's Peruvian dance explosion

Taking flight

ODC/Dance leaps from the Mission to SoMa for its annual "Downtown" performances

A small beef

Japan, like Europe, has its venerated, slow food-style traditions

South by Cynic

South by Southwest underwhelmed -- again -- but a few fab moments shined through the product placement

Dark days, indeed

Not sleeping with Religious Knives

Just like Honeydrips

Swedes craft the sweetest love songs and pop songs today

Alone again, or

Stew & Lightspeed Champion evoke the Afro-Baroque between the boom-bip bip and the ballot

Deja vu, times two

Last Year at Marienbad continues to bewitch and bewilder

Shitloads of Money

Willow Wood Market and Cafe


› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: This is my third serious boyfriend. I think I'm his second. He's into fairly hard-core masochism. Not like smack-me-around-a-little-Master masochism, which I'd...

Unchain my art

"The Prison Project" shines a light on works by artists touched by incarceration

Ribbons and signs

Ribbons and signs: Memories of a reluctant war mom

Hooker science

Are we still so Victorian that we think it's bad to pay large amounts for a few hours of skin-time?

A deadly Clinton legacy

It's hard to believe that Clinton was unaware of the humanitarian crisis when she voted to continue the use of cluster bombs