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Volume 42 Number 24

March 12 – March 18, 2008

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Scene spring

March 14, 2008
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Desperately seeking cinema

On the many looking glasses of Jennifer Reeves

Martial bliss

Flash Point's Donnie Yen shoots back

Youth gone wild

Tir na nóg translates Edna O'Brien's debut novel to the stage

Brain defrost

Dungeons get draggin' -- and the Boredoms get a round. Plus: Danava, Magik Markers, DJ Mehdi, and more

White made right

When Californians mention wines they like, the wines are almost always red ones

Hope Mohr Dance

Confident in the fertile tension between subject matter and formal demands

San Francisco Contemporary Music Players

"We have to know the electronics perfectly"

Lagerfeld Confidential

As iconic as the Chanel bouclé suits he has designed for the house for 20-plus years

Falling flat

Beer makers sluggish on "Slow Food" concept


A personal obsession with traveling and shooting the country

Reveille in reverb

Baltimore duo Beach House show Devotion can be a dream

Freedom is a ’69 Dodge

Paul Thorn's homespun poetics shoot straight from the heart and the briar patch

Big “Footprints”

New members, new songbooks for SFJAZZ

Dress sharp

Stiletto works a pop-culty fashionista vein

Big book, tiny topic

Some eccentric notes on a favorite tactic of the publishing industry

Beautiful losers

Gus Van Sant soliloquizes the life of a skateboarder in Paranoid Park

Diamonds are harder than gym bodies

Black Lizard decorates the revival house with Aubrey Beardsley wallpaper

There won’t be blood

Michael Haneke gives the United States the Funny Games it deserves

Pacific Catch

The filling station, continued

Love and hate and the black cripple

Poetry from POOR Magazine contest winners

The users are revolting

Each of these kinds of protests has its correlates in the real world: the symbolic prank, the grassroots protest, and the angry editorial