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Volume 42 Number 22

February 27 – March 4, 2008

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Prince Harry and the Bush twins

There is a certain moral authority to governing that escapes both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

Gruesome twosomes

A blood harvest of cult DVDs

Love and war

Theatre Rhino tackles David Mamet's Boston Marriage


All four actors deliver pitch-perfect performances. But guess which one steals the whole Scene?

Don’t phunk with my hope

Obamusical mania, John Benson's bus woes, Mammal, Taken by Trees, Ricky Lee Robinson, and Langhorne Slim

From Umbria, with brio

As a member of the lentil-involved community, I was honored

Bellydance Superstars

Fabulous exponents of an art that embraces female sensuality

Borts Minorts

He might be an alien or an android, but it's doubtful

Holly Cole

If voice has a color, Holly Cole's gleams like burnished copper

“Cinema Piemonte”

History is sampled in this weekend of features set in Piemonte, Italy

Dining in the off-hours

San Francisco's best late lunches

“From San Francisco to Silicon Valley”

Many viewers may recognize the city as they know it: construction, do-not-enter road signs, and a distant skyline

Feels like the first time

Who needs to be cool when Long Thaw are in the house?

Elastic band

Cryptacize dials up cosmic sing-alongs on Dig that Treasure

On like him

After surviving Bay rap's millennial drought, Eddi Projex emerges as a force with Now or Never

Ghost writer

Roberto Bolaño travels from the grave to the future with Nazi Literature

Grrrl power chords

Girls Rock! is everything American Idol ain't

Life during wartime

Brett Morgen on Chicago 10


Electro-cumbionics at Zizek, flying fur at Beast, and more breathless nightlife hits


A performance enhancement

Change of heart

Califia Taqueria

What a pain

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: In the process of starting to crawl out of my "I just had two babies! Leave me alone!" cocoon, I've been teaching...

Madonna, Wilde, and bears — oh my!

James Gobel goes hunting

The Bewitching Mary Blair Project

Disney's right hand shines in "The Art and Flair of Mary Blair"