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Volume 42 Number 21

February 20 – February 26, 2008

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Fruitful Grounds

Going solo

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Regarding the recent column on women who can't have orgasms : I hate to say it, but it looks like you phoned...

Double talk

Give-and-take with Gilbert and George

Bent empire

Gilbert and George crap out rainbow wonders

You cannot afford Mars

Sure, we know it's not packed with cool aliens, but we haven't realized that hunkering down on another planet isn't going to solve our basic problems as humans

Citizens vs. spies

San Francisco is at the center of a national debate over government and corporate surveillance of US residents

Money grows on trees

Although the state could save $13.3 million if several parks close, the governor hasn't calculated the loss in business tax revenue

Editor’s Notes

You can only hope that if you told the truth, played by the rules, and showed why your side was right, in the end you'll come out on top

The real FISA problem

The entire premise of secret electronic surveillance seems shaky, judge or no

Crime cameras for the defense

If the cameras can be used for prosecution, they ought to be available to lawyers for people who want to establish an alibi

Sharing the Panopticon

Public defenders say they're being barred from accessing surveillance camera footage that could exonerate the innocent

No shelter from the budget storm

Buster's Place, the city's main 24-hour homeless drop-in center, faces closure


Some gay people are so anxious to participate in their own cultural erasure

Solo budgeting

Gavin Newsom attacks social services and other supervisorial spending priorities with unilateral cuts

Noise Pop: Hot shots

More Noise Pop picks

Scatterbrain Jamboree

Nineteen groups, including some of the freshest new talent this city has to offer