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Volume 42 Number 20

February 13 – February 19, 2008

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Flesh peddlers

"As someone who eats meat, do you feel there are moral ramifications and karmic and moral weight to eating meat?"

Talking points

Scripts make all the difference in Brainpeople and Curvy Widow

Your funny Valentines

Love tunes for every freakin' lifestyle. Plus: Club Neon's underwear party and Dengue Fever's hot doc

On the waterfront: an epic

Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar

Robert Moses Kin’ and Black Choreographers Festival

February's extra daylight brings an advent of fresh views

Uri Caine and Friends

Versatile jazz pianist as fearless interpreter of classical music

Dub trio

The trio's sheer steeze to take the chains off the dub aesthetic makes them fascinating,


The kind of cunning, sardonic psychological study that pays off in grim affirmation


A list of favorite places to get your chocolate on

“Lautrec in Leather: Chuck Arnett and the San Francisco Scene”

Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll are unapologetically front and center

Shocked, G?

Digital Underground's last Bay Area show ever?

Drink, then Swallows

The Portland twosome are building a pop factory in the sky

The return of the return of the DJ

Ex-X-ecutioners form Ill Insanity and begin their crusade for the next DJ renaissance

Love on the road — and on the page

The backstage passes and musings of Dean and Britta

To be, or to be autonauts

Julio Cortázar and Carol Dunlop parody the travel book and reinvent the road story

Wherefore art thou, Romero?

The zombie auteur speaks!


Diary of the Dead eats brains — and spews TMI

Tiger Beat bard

Love is eternally young and doomed – and sometimes naked — in Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet

From Juliet to Mother Teresa and Mrs. Bates

Olivia Hussey on her wild career

Cuckoo for Coco500

Most of Coco500's magic has to do with the food and the service

Shelter shuffle

Inside San Francisco's confounding system of housing the homeless

Speed Reading

Complete Minimal Poems by Adam Saroyan and Comin' at Ya! The Homoerotic 3-D Photographs of Denny Denfield

The drop

Dragon Rouge

Buddy movie

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Recently I shared a hotel room with a buddy on a trip and we masturbated together (for the first time). His cock...