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Volume 42 Number 19

February 6 – February 12, 2008

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Guardian vs. SF Weekly: The Lawsuit

Fight to the finish: Updates on the Guardian vs. SF Weekly trial and our key legal brief

On the ground

A roundup of our Super Fat Tuesday coverage and results analysis

Ficks’s Sundance (and Slamdance) picks

The Midnites for Maniacs maven totes 'em up

Should you be ‘dancing?

Baseball, Gonzo pie, and autohumiliation at this year's Sundance

The Fisher queen

Carrie, solo, in Berkeley Rep's Wishful Drinking


Homegirl Ledisi dresses up for the Grammys. Plus: Merle Haggard, Los Amigos Invisibles, Paleo, and more

Sugar and spice

Salvaging the Chernobyl chili

Hungry men

IndieFest turns 10 with a documentary bro-down

Double visions

Separate obsessions and oodles of side projects couldn't break Pinback apart

They need more

Leopold and His Fiction are gonna be your boys

Furries, for real

Venus! lays Gruff Rhys and company bare

Speed reading

Xiu Xiu and Celine Dion: together at last, under the rubric of music books

Your cassette pet

Rob Sheffield writes the book of mixtape love

My so-called hell

The kids aren't alright at Indiefest

Accidental tranny

Trannyshack drags its gay ass to the finish line, and DJ Cheb i Sabbah takes another fab global leap


U, me, and Namu

Duck me, I’m sick

Bai Som Thai Kitchen

Overdrawn at the sperm bank

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I had a beautiful child via donor sperm from a sperm bank. My partner (female) and I are very happy, but recently...

Techsploitation: Information dystopia

A mysterious satellite falls, and Asia blacks out

Political football season

Battles between the mayor and the supervisors are starting early

The governor’s spending addiction

We need to finally have an honest conversation with the voters of California

Guardian trial heats up

The fireworks have started to explode in the trial of the Guardian's lawsuit against the SF Weekly

Climate change teach-in

Green pathways out of poverty was just one topic discussed

Editor’s Notes by Tim Redmond

"Hey, I'm so conservative I think all the immigrants ought to be lassoed with a chain and dragged back to Mexico behind a Hummer"