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Volume 42 Number 18

January 31 – February 5, 2008

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G-Spot: Valentine’s Day events

Prom, poetry, and porn

G-Spot: Don’t fear the jeweler

A Valentine's Day shopping guide

G-Spot: Waiter, I’ll take the (status) check!

Valentine's Day dinner ideas in sync with your situation

G-Spot: Everyone’s a wiener

The GayVN Awards wrap the best gay dick of 2007 in an envelope of surprise

G-Spot: U R mine … and so are U

How the polyamorous celebrate Valentine's Day

G-Spot: Getting girls

What a supposed sex cult can teach you about women — and yourself

Brad Will and the politics of oil

Fallout from murdered journalist reveals move to privatize PEMEX

Caine is able

Michael Caine -- minus Austin Powers, sharks, and killer bees

Slim’s slimed

A lone spoiler may bring down the venerable concert spot. Plus: Howlin' Rain make their move

Green winter

A plethora of roughage in the stalls


Breakfast of blandness

“Pablo Guardiola”

Photographs that prove deceptive yet captivating

Top o’ the world, ma

With a new LP in hand, TopR keeps "puttin' squares in their place like Tetris"


The Pine Box Boys revive the murder ballad for horrorbilly heads

Digging the new-old roots

The Carolina Chocolate Drops take black string-band music back to the mountaintop

Bound for better

Slingshot organizes your life with joyful chaos

Noir or not?

Noir City's sixth incarnation revives the night life


Metro Kathmandu

Hey, hey. hey

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm getting superfrustrated. I don't have the highest sex drive, but it is there. However, I can't understand why my brain and...

Home is where the art is

A quick Q&A with Margaret Tedesco of [2nd floor projects]

Kuchar coup

George and Mike Kuchar's drawings and paintings tickle pleasure centers

Political probe

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days — and one great film