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Volume 42 Number 17

January 23 – January 30, 2007

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Video Mutants

The video art issue: From black box to YouTube to white cubes -- and beyond

Video Mutants: Shirtless on YouTube

Crocker vs. Cooper! The Passionistas take on the "Leave Britney alone!" star

Oops! They did it again

W. Kamau Bell takes his swing at racism

75 alive

The oldest ballet company in the country intends to show that the dance form is a thoroughly contemporary, international art.

Video Mutants: Booby call

Lost in bizarre pop idolatry with artist Mike Kelley

Nursing the ratchet effect

How to cut the saltiness

Escape from planet Indie Rock

Brooklyn's dynamic proto-rock outfit Yeasayer reshapes the landscape

Thrower’s flames

The video nasties of Nightmare USA still apply

Video Mutants: Prince of theme parkness

Damon Packard strikes back

Video Mutants: Rave damage

Artist Ryan Trecartin's efflorescent video spasms key into club culture and cube the Internet death code


Nice guys finish first


Citrus Club

A glossary

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I'm a little confused. Could you please explain all the different genders? It seems there is so much more out there than...

Video Mutants: Eight for 2008

A guide to video activity to watch for, from SF to beyond

Video Mutants: Guiding light

Soaps-loving video artist Kalup Linzy will set you free

Video Mutants: The man with the video camera

Douglas Gordon hits San Francisco with an image blitz

Guardian vs. SF Weekly

Trial update

Let’s eat clone

It's just a duplicate cow, people.

Car trouble

Price-fixing lawsuit against rental companies has its roots in legislation by Mark Leno

How to save the Housing Authority

City agencies that serve public housing residents are often unaware of the major issues at public housing developments

From fryers to fuel

SFGreasecycle hits the restaurant circuit

Endorsements — Alameda County

Measures A and B (Children's Hospital bond) NO The history of this pair of ballot measures speaks to the reasons to oppose them: Children's Hospital, a...

Fixing the cab problem

Drivers continue to get screwed by the big cab outfits, and the supervisors need to take that on directly

Reject Sklar and Brooks

Newsom's ouster of Leal and his attempt to ensure a PG&E-safe PUC are not acceptable