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Volume 42 Number 15

January 9 – January 15, 2008

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J-pop sucker punch

With brand names and bright colors, "MURAKAMI" gets you in the gut

Lesk’s law

Content outruns storage because humans store things capriciously and illogically

Shut down the zoo

The Zoo should be closed, its animals sent to facilities capable of caring for them, and the land used for affordable housing

Money for parks

Just how big an impact can Prop A's $185 million make?

Sneak attack on public power

The logic of firing Susan Leal makes so little sense

Editor’s Notes

36 hours later PG&E still couldn't get the power back on along Third Street.

Consolidating power

Proposal calls for most city permitting to be placed under a controversial new department head

Tiger tales

I grew up with tigers. I built tiger pens. And the tiger grotto at the privatized San Francisco Zoo was a disaster waiting to happen

The questions the zoo won’t answer

20 questions we posed to the SF Zoo's Sam Singer

Take back the zoo

There's plenty of evidence that the Zoo should have known long ago that the tiger grotto wasn't secure.

Chiaroscuro Ristorante

Simple, solid, upscale food