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Volume 42 Number 06

November 7 – November 13, 2007

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Goldie winner — Dance: Shinichi Iova-Koga

Butoh and beyond that mesmerizes

Goldies 2007

Our 2007 Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery awards

Goldie winner — Music: Wooden Shjips

The dark star that lurks beneath flower power

Goldie winner — Visual art: Jenifer K. Wofford

Disarming humor that's armed with liminal intent

Goldie winner — Film: Kerry Laitala

Antique magic lantern muse of cinema

Goldie winner — Dance/Performance: Keith Hennessy

Cabaret and spectacle with an activist attack

Goldie winner — Film: Samara Halperin

Plastic and fantastic schoolhouse sex toys go pop

Goldie winner — Theater: foolsFURY

Where kinetic energy meets darkly alluring words

Goldie winner — Music: The Finches

The forest folk sounds of a marine girl and boy

Goldie winner — Music: Kirby Dominant

New wave thuggin' and contemplative domination

Goldie winner — Lifetime Achievement: Creative Growth

Deep inside the hearts and minds of Bay Area art

Goldie winner — Visual art: Colter Jacobsen

Seeing double in a poetic memory tunnel

Goldie winner — Music: Non-Stop Bhangra

Lose yourself in the rum-tum-tum

Goldie winner — Visual art: Michael Arcega

Where the ha-ha morphs into aha


The arts of the table ... and beyond

Be my burger

A certain tingle


It's lunchtime, and I'm afraid of my greens

Duck’s breath

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I just found your column by accident, and I love it! Major props to you for being such a talented sex columnist...

Carbon indulgences

Preserving biodiversity must go hand in hand with eradicating poverty

Rent control under attack

Eminent domain reform measure on June ballot could kill San Francisco's rent-control and affordable-housing laws

Public safety, back on track

Even a modest investment in people, coupled with accountability and clear guidance, can keep our community safe

The ghost of the Barleycorn

Beloved pub closes its doors after almost 40 years

A polluter could cash in

Gavin Newsom wants to give Mirant Corp. $2 million to shut down its power plant

Dead town

San Francisco hosts a Halloween celebration suitable for suburban San Diego