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Volume 42 Number 05

October 31 – November 6, 2007

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Endorsements: Local offices

Mecke, Sumchai, and Chicken John for mayor. Plus: Other endorsements

Romania dreamin’

Cinematically speaking, Bucharest is best

Global chilling

Pioneering UK producer Tom Middleton releases his debut

Hail “Conqueror”

The heavy evangelism of Jesu's Justin Broadrick

Raising the barre

The American Indian Film Fest kicks off with a pair of ballet-dancer biographies

On the verge

Terror's Advocate adds to Barbet Schroeder's library of alluring evil


Like a lot of my family, I eat compost. I eat garbage.


› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: Do you remember where we left off last week? I'd wanted to write about the now semirecent research on circumcision and sensitivity, but...

A shot from the Sahel

Tinariwen's songs of struggle

Transit or traffic

There's a real chance to fix Muni -- but a simplistic downtown campaign for more parking and less government is trying to derail it

The king of cheap

King Corn examines what health is worth

Eugene Prince Coleman, 1937–2007

Ma advocate was a friend to us all


The scary truth about good music

Money and politics

Corporations buy influence using big donations and sneaky tactics

King of the dance

A true innovator celebrates 25-plus years of ballet and beyond

Consumer biotech

Predicting the future of the home-tech phenomenon

Are high-rises green?

High-rises use energy in ways that single-family homes don't

Editor’s Notes

The relationship between cars and buses in San Francisco is brutal

The Clean Slate

The Clean Slate: The Guardian's printout endorsement guide to the Nov. 6 San Francisco election

This stuff’ll kill ya!

A conversation with the Godfather of gore

Campaign sewer overflows

Rules limiting political money are swept away