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Volume 42 Number 03

October 17 – October 23, 2007

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Boxing day

A trio of views on three of Cornell's many-splendored cubes

Our 41st Anniversary Special

Corporate San Francisco? Hell no! Four decades of fighting privatization

41st Anniversary Special: Bilking the links

Public-golf revenue is up millions of dollars. But a costly public-private contract has swallowed most of the money

Say Halo to my little friend

Riding the levels of Halo 3

Moaning Lisa

You cannot pin her down. You cannot forget her.

Historically challenged

War and peace in Philip Glass's Appomattox

Bigger is (mostly) better

LEVYDance finds new digs

Pay to play

Check out the checkout: Radiohead, Go! Team, Cave Singers, Soulja Boy, and more

Autumn’s flowers

Roastables need not be meat

“A cautionary tale, carefully delivered”

Fighting words from Oxbow's Eugene Robinson

Death balm

Another Kevin Shields

Ready to break out of the farm leagues

Oakland's Ike Dola makes the leap

Imitation of life

Grief, love, and plastic mingle in Lars and the Real Girl

Life sucks

A Lebanese vampire makes his mark at the Arab Film Fest

Seven up

Picks from the Vancouver International Film Festival

Visions of excess

The CounterCorp Film Festival

Pete’s Tavern

The house that Pete built

Oh, Donna

Award-winning choreographer Donna Uchizono's namesake company makes its Bay Area debut

By any other name

Hey, fish chili

Plus ca change

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: Why, umpteen zillion years into the AIDS era (I used to volunteer for Gay Men's Health Crisis in the 1980s), is there...

41st Anniversary Special: Private practice

The Department of Public Health has taken privatization to a bizarre new level

41st Anniversary Special: Wrecked park

Chronic underfunding has made the Recreation and Park Department a prime privatization target

41st Anniversary Special: Psych out

Newsom administration pushes plan to privatize mental health treatment

41st Anniversary Special: The perils of privatization

Ronald Reagan started dismantling government 25 years ago, but his privatization legacy is alive and growing -- even in San Francisco